Transmission oils

MÜLLERÖL transmission oils are ideal combination of traditional and up to date technologies. MÜLLERÖL lubricants provide reliable protection against wear and friction and resistance to mechanical wear. Oils for transmission gears are manufactured basing on the high-quality lube feedstock with high level of purification and with anti-seized additives blending. Oils MÜLLERÖL can be used for the vehicle drive axles and distributor boxes as well as for lubricating mechanical transmissions with any type of gears, including hypoid gears operating under heavy loads. All transmission oils are highly resistant to oxidation and aging at low temperatures. Lubricants are characterized by excellent performances over a wide temperature range providing a smooth gear changing.

MÜLLERÖL transmission oils and fluids

  • Reliable protection against wear and friction, resistance to mechanical wear.
  • Smooth gear shifting over a wide temperature range.
  • Wide selection for automatic and manual gearboxes.

Transmission oils comply with European standards and car manufacturers specifications. The MÜLLERÖL range of gear oils can be used year-round for the lubrication of gearboxes of cars and trucks, mobile equipment. Excellent lubricant performance ensures smooth gear shifting over a wide temperature range. MÜLLERÖL lubricants meet the car makers’ requirements of European standards and specifications.

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