The Company history

The Company’s history began back in 2008 with the foundation of the trade company that was engaged in the sale of automobile chemicals and car care products. Then, the main task of the company’s promoter was to provide the market with the quality products for the vehicles. The independent company was given the name MWS AutoChemie GmbH comprising the first letter of the founders’ names this is Marcus Lehmann, Wilgelm Schmitz, Swen Schwarz. The company management was interested to work only with the proved products so it decided to conduct its own research of fuels and lubricants. In this regard they began the search for a scientific research laboratory to test products independently.

So in 2012, after set of negotiations, an agreement was signed with the laboratory founded by research chemists Herman Fischer and logistics expert Biagio Better. In addition to testing automotive materials, the laboratory was engaged in research work on the additives inventions to improve the performance criteria of the automobile fluids.

To implement the abovementioned intention the Company has been offering its customers and partners a wide range of products represented under MÜLLERÖL trade mark since 2012. The latest technologies make it possible to offer the products of new generation in the market the quality of which ensures the effective competition with the leading manufacturers of automobile oils, fluids and car care products.

In 2013 the laboratory was renamed as Pip Privates Institut Produktbegutachtung, the goal of which was to research the vehicle products. The results of researches were transferred to MWS AutoChemie GmbH and on the basis of which they designed new products or upgraded existing ones.In 2015 Better and Fisher sold PIP (Privates Institut Produktbegutachtung) to MWS AutoChemie GmbH and since then it has become a full-fledged department of development and innovation.

As a result of fruitful cooperation the complex of additives for engine oils and antifreezes has appeared improving the performance characteristics of the service fluids.According to tests the additive packages demonstrated the excellent results and finally it was decided to launch the production using the innovation solutions. A lot of inventions and tests were carried out thereby as far as in 2014 the additive complex for MÜLLERÖL antifreezes was developed.

MWS AutoChemie GmbH and Autochemie Bitterfeld GmbH top management met at a business conference in 2014. The Companies entered into contract for manufacturing the product under «MÜLLERÖL» brand incorporating high-tech production and Privates Institut Produktbegutachtung exclusive inventions. Moreover due to this business contact MWS expanded its market till the territory of China, Taiwan, Canada and many others countries.

In March 2017 MWS AutoChemie GmbH guided by the researches presented a new line of MÜLLERÖL engine oils plus its own innovative solution.

In 2019 MWS AutoChemie GmbH becomes MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH and presents its own exclusive brand MÜLLERÖL in the global market. MÜLLERÖL lubricants meet the highest international requirements and API, ACEA standards. They have been approved by the leading manufacturers of automobiles and equipment of new generation.