About us

MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH bundles many years of sale experience and modern production technologies, presented by MÜLLERÖL brand name. MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH means not only a wide range of products but also many years of experience in research work.

MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH supplies a wide range of top of the line automobile products all over the world. The company’s own innovation department develops products pursuant to German quality traditions.

Over 300 types of automobile products

We are working on 5 continents

About brand name Made in Germany

MÜLLERÖL is entirely a German brand whose products fully comply with the world standards and presents the latest own developments. MÜLLERÖL brand designers set a goal to invent a product providing for specific features of different countries and potential customers, such as variety of climatic conditions and the fleet status.

MÜLLERÖL brand style becomes an icon of the vehicle heart that is an engine, reflected in a unique exquisite container design, label graphics and other visual brand components. Today MÜLLERÖL brand is recognized in many countries as a perfect product that does not need any updates.

MÜLLERÖL is a high quality fluid that makes you absolutely sure of the correct choice for you vehicle. Cooperating with us you will get a reliable partner.
To offer the perfect collection the customers have a choice of more than 300 MÜLLERÖL special purpose automobile lubricants in the following groups:
- Antifreeze
- Motor oils for light vehicles
- Motor oils for commercial vehicles
- Oils for two and four stroke engines
- Transmission oils
- Hydraulic oils
- Special products

MüllerÖl Vertriebs-GmbH philosophy

German formalism, accuracy and precision are the basic principles and philosophy of MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH activity. The products under MÜLLERÖL brand are distinct in high consumer properties and quality confirmed by both laboratory tests and operation practices in various types of engines and transmissions. Currently MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of automobile oils and antifreezes for various industries as well as the designer of new types of products.

4 basic principles of activity

  • Ongoing survey of the customers’ needs to obtain accurate information about status of equipment and monitoring the lubricants performance.
  • Development of new lubricants having additional operation life.
  • Continuous product property improvement and logistic processes optimization.
  • Impeccable German quality is the main Company’s philosophy.

MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH key unique concept is to provide the fleet of the customers from different countries with all required oils and fluids in any containers from retail to large capacity packages.