MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH is a leading supplier of lubricants for Private Label. We suggest you develop your brand of lubricants for your business. Choosing the right product range is critical to the success of a private brand. The MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH team will help you make the best decision for building a profitable business.

MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH offers unlimited possibilities:

Development and production of turnkey products

Over 300 types of lubricants

Assessment in brand building, branding

Fulfillment of the order as soon as possible

Competitive price

Technical support


Quality, flexibility, service, and reliability are our core values. We have many years of experience providing our customers with the highest level of service in the lubricant market. A key factor in the success of MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH lubricants is our flexibility in adapting to the needs of our customers. We can develop a complete line of products under a private label, which may include new or existing products.


MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH is an ideal partner for all companies and groups of customers who want to add value to their brand with the highest quality guarantee. Following your technical characteristics, we will support you in creating an assortment of lubricants based on quality products at competitive prices.

The MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH team will advise you on the following issues:

  • Product composition depending on the application.
  • Selection of packaging.
  • Label development.
  • Technical and documentary support.

You are guaranteed strict confidentiality when developing your lubricants. Confidentiality is maintained at all stages of design, development, testing, and production. We invite you to develop your brand! Tell us about your project, we will help turn it into reality ...