Product range

MÜLLERÖL brand is a German quality classic

The corporate identity of MÜLLERÖL stands for the "heart" of the vehicle which is a motor. This idea reflects in the exclusive design of the canister. The brand product range comprises the engine, transmission and hydraulic oils, antifreezes and braking fluids. A wide range of products gives the opportunity to meet the most sophisticated needs of both vehicle enthusiasts and professionals.

MÜLLERÖL brand is recognized in many countries as the adequate products that do not require any additives.
MÜLLERÖL vehicle products are the top choice in relation to economy and ease of manufacturing.
MÜLLERÖL is the embodiment of the German traditional quality.
MÜLLERÖL lubricant range assures excellent protection for all mechanical devices of the commercial vehicles.

MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH offers lubricants for various types of engines, fully satisfying the needs of the modern market in terms of price and quality. The company offers lubricants for vehicles of any capacity: buses and minibuses, trucks, and special-purpose vehicles. MÜLLERÖL lubricants guarantee confidence in choosing a quality product for your vehicle.