Winter Screen wash
  • 4L

Winter Screen wash

Special Icons:


- effectively removes removes road dirt, salt and oil 

- protects wipers from damage during frost 

- does not damage chrome, paint and rubber elements, prevents damage to the wiper blade and windshield wiper

- does not leave strips 

- Alcohol evaporation contains components delay, without so-called "cold glass effect" 

- does not contain methanol - has a pleasant smell - economical

Developed to clean the windshield in the cold season. Soft foam effectively removes road dirt, wet snow and salt and prevents the formation of an ice cake on the windshield and brushes. The perfume that is used in the product leaves a pleasant aroma and softens the strong smell of alcohol. The working temperature of the product is minus 20 ° C. The E-TEC washer is based on ecologically safe and biodegradable components. The product is ready for use and does not require dilution with water.