No, antifreezes differ not only in color. Antifreeze is produced using ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. Manufacturers of antifreeze use a number of different packages of corrosion inhibitors. Antifreeze can be the same color, but use different packages of inhibitors.
Using plenty of water or antifreeze can harm your car. Antifreeze concentrations in excess of the recommended levels can cause problems, including corrosion, failure of the water pump, and increased engine wear.
You should always follow the recommendations of the car or engine manufacturer regarding antifreeze replacement intervals and cooling system maintenance.
The color of the coolant does not confirm the type or quality of the product. The best way would be to drain and rinse the system and top it with the recommended type of coolant with the correct dilution level.
Buy the coolant recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Pure coolant concentrate should not be used in the cooling system; it is only suitable for the preparation of antifreeze. The manufacturer indicates how to prepare the coolant to obtain the correct freezing temperature.
The exclusive development of MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH - PureProtec's adaptive additive package allows antifreeze to remain unchanged throughout its life. The additives stabilize the heat carrier's resources and thus increase the time to complete antifreeze replacement.