Motor oils

Some semi-synthetic oils can be mixed with mineral oil, but problems can occur. Although mineral and semi-synthetic oils are generally well-combined, additive compatibility should be checked. More
Transmission fluid is used in the steering system to ensure smooth movement of parts. ATF is a closed system and the lubricant must be stored for a long period of time. More
Check the engine oil level properly when it is warm. In this condition, the engine is in the normal temperature range and optimally provided with lubricant. More
They may be universal, but not necessary. Depends on the additive package. Modern MÜLLERÖL engine oils meet the requirements for both gasoline and diesel engines. When choosing an oil, it is important to follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. More
Synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils are not compatible. For maximum engine performance, follow the motor oil type recommendations in the vehicle's operating instructions. More
The letter "W" means winter. The first number in the classification indicates that the oil can be used in cold weather. The lower the number, the less viscous the oil will be at low temperatures. For example, 5W-30 engine oil will be more volatile at lower temperatures than 15W-40 engine oil.More
The experts at MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH do not recommend doing so. The use of lower viscosity can lead to an increase in engine load and an increase in fuel consumption, resulting in a shorter service life.More
Follow your vehicle's operating instructions. Some manufacturers may recommend a range of recommended grades of engine oil viscosity depending on the ambient air temperature, while others recommend only one class of viscosity. More
Engine oils consist of base oils, viscosity modifiers and additives. They are carefully selected and balanced so that the oil can provide maximum engine protection. More
We recommend that you change the oil filter every time you replace the engine oil to eliminate the risk of contaminants entering the engine oil. More
The parts of the engines of the machines in the corrosively active media are worn out and due to the effect of slit corrosion in the interfaces of the parts that work periodically.More
MÜLLERÖL motor oils have a long shelf life - 5 years with proper storage. Metal canisters can be stored at temperatures up to + 60 C and plastic cans up to + 40 C. If the engine oil has been stored for a long period, then before shaking it is recommended to shake the canister. More
Engine oil shall be changed in accordance with the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer. As a rule, it is changed each 10–15 thousand km travelled. However, the situation is not simple as it seems. Changes in oil properties depend to a large extent on road surface quality.More