What is the advantage of MÜLLERÖL antifreezes?

The exclusive development of MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH - PureProtec's adaptive additive package allows antifreeze to remain unchanged throughout its life. The additives stabilize the heat carrier's resources and thus increase the time to complete antifreeze replacement. In addition, the additive package maintains the anti-corrosion properties of the coolants. There are two types of innovative components in the additive complex, the first extending the life of the antifreeze and the other protecting the metal parts from corrosion.

Pure Protec is designed to provide two main features:

  • 100% highly stable year-round protection against all types of corrosion
  • Special components create an additional protective coating on the metal parts of the car's cooling system, and also prevent the formation of deposits and scale, creating a stable anti-corrosion protection of metals and alloys.

  • Stability in high-temperature conditions of modern engines
  • The high quality antifreezes are intended for use in the cooling systems of internal combustion engines of all modern cars.