Motor oil 10W-40 SHPD STd
Motor oil 10W-40 SHPD STd
Motor oil 10W-40 SHPD STd
Motor oil 10W-40 SHPD STd
  • 1L met
  • 1L plast
  • 4L met
  • 4L plast

Motor oil 10W-40 SHPD STd

ACEA A3/B4, ACEA E3/E5/E7, API CI-4/SL, Global DHD-1, JASO DH-1
Special Icons:

  • Very good detergent and dispersing properties;
  • High resistance to oxidation and aging;
  • Protection against reflective surface formation;
  • Good cold starting properties;
  • Extended oil change intervals protect natural resources.

10W-40 SHPD STd is a high-quality engine oil for year-round use in highly stressed aspirated and turbo diesel engines as well as petrol engines. It has an excellent flow behaviour, even at low temperatures. It quickly reaches critical lubrication points, thus ensuring a considerable reduction in wear during the warm-up phase. Selected active ingredients ensure maximum engine cleanliness, even in short-haul traffic. 10W-40 SHPD STd allows for extended oil change intervals in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, and high wear protection with low oil and fuel consumption.

Cummins CES 20077/20078, Mack EO-N, MBl 228.3, MB-l 229.1, Renault VI RLD-2, VOLVO VDS-3, Allison C-4, Caterpillar ECF-2, Caterpillar TO-2, Cummins CES 0076, DAF, DDC 93K215, MAN M 3275-1, Deutz DQC III-10, MB 235.28, MTU Type 2, Voith Retarder B, VW 500 00/501 01/505 00