Motor oil 10W-40 ST OA
Motor oil 10W-40 ST OA
Motor oil 10W-40 ST OA
Motor oil 10W-40 ST OA
  • 1L met
  • 1L plast
  • 4L met
  • 4L plast

Motor oil 10W-40 ST OA

Special Icons:

  • Fuel saving under all operating conditions‡Very good detergent and dispersing properties‡.
  • Neutrality to sealing materials‡Low evaporation tendency, thus low oil consumption‡.
  • An extensive protection against wear, corrosion and foaming‡.
  • Extended oil change intervals protect natural resources‡.
  • Excellent cold-start properties even at low temperatures.

For naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines of gasoline and diesel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Thanks to its special base oil and additive composition, engine oil can fulfill the requirements of long drain intervals, under severe conditions. It's advanced base oil combination and unique additive package ensure decreased oil consumption, outstanding oxidation stability and excellent protection against sludge and deposit formation. Due to its excellent viscosity temperature behaviour provides reliable lubrication in all operating conditions. High performance, long engine life stay-in-grade shear stability and excellent wear protection and low oil consumption.

MB 229.3, VW 501 01/505 00