Hydraulic oil HLP 68
Hydraulic oil HLP 68
  • 20L
  • 200L

Hydraulic oil HLP 68

DIN 51 524

- improved deaerating properties;

- Ensures ow foaming;

- Provides effective protection against corrosion, when water enters the system;

- Reduces wear of friction elements in hydraulic systems;

- Steady for high temperatures;

- Neutral with sealing materials.

Hydraulic HLP 68 is a highly viscous hydraulic oil reinforced with a special additive complex that provides high performance, reduces corrosion, foaming and oxidation. Have been developed specially for most industrial and mobile high-loaded hydraulic systems, which require an oil with high anti-wear properties. Good lubricating characteristics ensure a long service life. Hydraulic oil HLP 68 helps reduce sludge formation and deposits.

Recommendations on use:

- Is intended for industrial equipment of various purposes;

- for use in hydraulic systems that operate at pressures of more than 25 MPa and temperatures up to 90°C and higher. 

Teil 2 Vickers-Pumpentest FZG-Test A 8,3/90: Die 12. Laststufe wird sicher erreicht DENISON HF-2 /HF-0, MIL-H 24 459, AFNOR NFE 48 603 HM, Cincinnati Milacron P-68, 69, 70. General Motors LH-04-1, LH-06-1, LH-15-1; US Steel 136, 127, Eickhoff-Bergbautechnik: Empfehlung: Verwendung lt. Betriebsanleitung
20L - 4260283353613, 200L - 4260283357598