Brake fluid DOT-3
Brake fluid DOT-3
Brake fluid DOT-3
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Brake fluid DOT-3

SAE J1703, FMVSS 116 DOT 3, ISO 4925

- Provides good thermal stability;

- Protects against rust and corrosion;

- Ensures excellent lubricity;

- Compatible with all rubber components of the brake system and other liquids.

MULLERАС  DOT-3 is a high-temperature synthetic brake fluid recommended for use in hydraulic drives of disc and drum brakes and couplings of cars, all-wheel drive cars, motorcycles and light trucks. It is based on polyglycol with the addition of a balanced package of thickening, antifriction and anti-corrosion additives.  It has good lubricating properties, which significantly increases the service life of the brake cylinders. The components that belonging to the brake fluid DOT-3, protect the car's brake systems from corrosion and steam plugs. It is safe towards to the metal and rubber materials of the vehicle's brake system. Can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures.

Recommendations for use:

- Brake fluid should be change in accordance with the recommendations of vehicle manufacturers;

- When mixing with other brake fluids, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

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