​MÜLLERÖL brake fluids

MÜLLERÖL brake fluids are designed for your safety.
​MÜLLERÖL brake fluids

MÜLLERÖL brake fluids are designed for your safety. The specialists at MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH have developed a fluid formula based on the German traditional quality recipe. The addition of effective additives and corrosion inhibitors protects the brake system of the car against corrosion and oxidation of metal elements. MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH conducted numerous tests on the brake fluid. The results showed excellent stability at low temperatures and excellent protection against formation of vapor bridges.

MÜLLERÖL DOT-4 is a high-temperature synthetic brake fluid recommended for disc and drum brake systems, including ABS systems of cars, motorcycles, light trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. Excellent lubricating properties guarantee safe driving. The components in the DOT-4 brake fluid protect the brake systems of automobiles against corrosion and steam locks. Safe in relation to the metal and rubber materials of the car braking system. Can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures. DOT-4 brake fluid meets the requirements of modern high-tech brake systems.

MÜLLERÖL fluids increase the service life of mechanisms and brake cylinders. The components of the corrosion protection liquids provide ideal protection against corrosion, as they are safe for metal and rubber brake system components. We invite you to cooperate with us in a mutually beneficial way