Antifreeze for electric vehicles - MULLEROL EVO

MÜLLERÖL EVO is a new generation antifreeze based on ethylene glycol with P-Si-OAT technology
Antifreeze for electric vehicles - MULLEROL EVO

There is a wrong belief that electric vehicles require no service. Indeed, unlike traditional vehicles, electric ones have fewer systems and therefore need less attention. However, statutory maintenance should be carried out just-in-time. If this is not done, the vehicle may simply break down.

Electric vehicles also have their own cooling system. It lowers the temperature of an engine and a charging system and batteries. For example, the Nissan Leaf has an engine and a charging system, while the Tesla also has a battery. This means that common antifreeze cannot be used for electric vehicles. It is important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer while choosing a coolant. As a rule, experts recommend changing the coolant every 90 thousand kilometres.

If the coolant is changed incorrectly, the battery will lose its charge faster. For example, the cost of replacing a  battery  for electric car is $ 20,000. Taking into account such a huge amount of money for repairs, it is still better to follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer and do maintenance for system fluids just-in-time.

MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH presents a special product — MÜLLERÖL EVO antifreeze-concentrate. MÜLLERÖL coolant is based on monoethylene glycol in combination with a special additive package (P-Si-OAT) designed to protect vehicle cooling systems. Antifreeze can be used for all electric vehicle cooling systems.

MÜLLERÖL EVO is a new generation ethylene glycol-based antifreeze with P-Si-OAT technology. Antifreeze-concentrate contains an innovative corrosion inhibitors package consisting of organic acid salts, phosphates and silicates. Increased boiling point and extended service life are the advantages of this class antifreeze. Additives retain their properties at high temperatures, and this makes it possible to use it in modern heat-loaded engines and battery cooling systems for electric vehicles.

The product is recommended for cooling systems of light vehicles and light trucks when a coolant that meets the requirements of the G12 EVO standard (VW TL 774 L) is required. MÜLLERÖL EVO is especially suitable for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicle brands since 2019.

RECOMMENDED PRACTICES: Do not use undiluted product. For dilution, soft water is recommended. Attention, check or drain the coolant only when the engine is cold.