MÜLLERÖL oils — maximum protection

We combined innovation technologies and traditional German quality in MÜLLERÖL oils
MÜLLERÖL oils — maximum protection

MÜLLERÖL oils are specially formulated to extend engine service life. As a result of numerous studies and tests in our own laboratory, an innovation solution was created — ADAPTIVE SHIELD FORMULA. 

ADAPTIVE SHIELD FORMULA is a unique design of MÜLLERÖL Vertriebs-GmbH. The oil molecules under pressure are transformed, creating an additional protective layer on the engine surfaces, the oil formula reacts to changing operating conditions. The unique technology multiplies the required properties of the oil, providing professional engine protection, regardless of whether it is a city traffic jam or a suburban highway mode.
We combined innovation technologies and traditional German quality in MÜLLERÖL oils. We use premium base oils with additive packages of advanced developments to produce outputs. When choosing MÜLLERÖL motor oils you get reliable protection of your engine against premature wear.
MULLEROL 5W-30 and 5W-40 API SN motor oils provide effective comprehensive engine protection. The oils contain specially selected additives that ensure protection and reduce degree of wear, reduce overheating and premature wear possibility.

• Maximum protection in any operation conditions. High resistance to degradation throughout the entire service life even with extended drain intervals.
• Cleanliness of the engine. Keeps the engine clean by removing low and high temperature deposits and preventing new deposits formation.
• Stability of viscosity properties over wide range.
• Wide range of products. The MÜLLERÖL range of motor oils has offers for all types of engines from premium multi-grade oils to special oils for commercial vehicles.

ADAPTIVE SHIELD FORMULA (ASF TECHNOLOGY) is designed specially for MÜLLERÖL oils. High quality of products is guaranteed by the fact that the entire production process from the beginning to the end of the technological cycle is controlled by one company.

Motor oils for light vehicles meet API and ACEA specifications, as well as advanced modern requirements for energy efficiency and the environment.